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Written By: Chase Mueller

May 27th, 2017

Rating: 3BIII

Total Rappels: 3

Longest Rappel: 66 ft

Distance: 8.4 miles

Time Commitment: 4-5 hours (Das Boot Only)

+2-3 hours added to Subway (8-14 hours)

Permit: Required (Can be merged w/Subway)

Cold Water Gear: Yes

Flash Flood Risk: Moderate

Season: Mar-Nov

Das Boot is a cold, but very worth while addition to the beginning of Subway. There are a few swims, and the raps are short - all but the last were down climbable for a few members of our team. We were warned of possible snow and ice but we found no such evidence in our run. Some of our team tolerated the cold in their 4/3 wetsuits, while others of us added on layers. I tested out a 0.5 mm hydroskin layer that worked out perfectly. I also tested out the H2O neoprene gloves purchased at Zion Adventure Co. and they worked out way better than the kevlar neoprene I've used up till now. While you're not doing any long swims, I definitely appreciated the gloves - I like to be comfortable. All photos shot with my Galaxy S7.

Thanks for reading!

Cross referenced using beta from Canyoneering USA and Rope Wiki.

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