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Written By: Chase Mueller

May 28th, 2017

Rating: 3BII

Total Rappels: 7

Longest Rappel: 100 ft

Distance: 1.3 miles

Time Commitment: 2-6 hours

Permit: Required

Car Shuttle: Yes

Cold Water Gear: Dependent on Season

Flash Flood Risk: Moderate

Season: May-Nov

Pine Creek was my second technical canyon only after running Middle Echo. The coldness of these canyons were distinct memories, but I also didn't have neoprene gloves. They made a world of a difference. This trip marked my 

second run of Pine Creek, 50 or so canyons later, and easily a more

enjoyable experience. With that, I believe there was less water this time around. I remember swimming more the first time, where there were only a few short swims and more wading this time. The canyon is beautiful as always, and one of the most visited for a reason. I don't know if it's still there, but if you're lucky enough, you'll get a chance to meet the gorgeous Pine Creek owl. She has a nest in the narrowest section of the canyon and she'll sit and watch you as you pass below. Anyway, we ran this with some canyon rookies and they did great! In fact, Sierra had a better "nose" for navigating the boulder field than those of us that had been there before. In total we were a group of 6 and made it through in a little over 5 hours. We had to wait at one rap for a group and at another we let two guys slide past us. One break for lunch and we were done. After running bigger canyons the past two days, Pine Creek was a nice, familiar, rest day canyon.

Thanks for reading!

Cross referenced using beta from Canyoneering USA and Rope Wiki.

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