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Trip reports in style! Spark stories give you a quick, visually engaging run down of some of my biggest adventures. Follow along, get inspired, and live it yourself.


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Some of the best stories, experiences, and lessons are shared around the campfire, but it doesn't, and shouldn't stop there. Chasing Adventure is setting out to create a central resource for adventurers and prospective adventurers a like. Unfortunately, I don't know everything, but I do know enough to not know where to start. That's where you all come in. Join the conversation! Send me a message with a question, a lesson learned, or something you've shared around the campfire and we may just feature it, and my response, here on Chasing Adventure. 


Sometimes expensive gear fails, and cheap gear triumphs, but not always. I've experienced all sides of that story, and over the years I've refined my gear to optimize my adventures. With a big trip to Spain on the horizon, I have plenty of new gear to test, and I already have plenty to share. Check back in August for the first series of Chasing Adventure Gear Reviews. 



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