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Written By: Chase Mueller

May 27th, 2017

Rating: 3BIII

Total Rappels: 4

Longest Rappel: 30 ft

Distance: 9.5 miles

Time Commitment: 5-12 hours

Permit: Required

Cold Water Gear: Yes (normal 4/3 wetsuit)

Flash Flood Risk: Moderate

Season: Mar-Nov

The weather was great! We saw a few groups without wet suits, but for the sake of comfort, wear one. Also, public service announcement, wear a helmet. Anyway, we ran Das

Boot beforehand so I had an extra 0.5 mm layer underneath my 4/3 and never felt the need to delayer till after the last rappel. This is another canyon you don't remember for the rappels, but when it comes to the subway, expect photographs to take priority! Don't forget to do a group shot and goof around. Timing is critical though. We started the approach to Das Boot at around 9:45 am and wouldn't have wanted to get to the Subway any sooner. Basically, you don't want direct sunlight. Also, it's a long hike out with the best parts behind you, so don't expect a quick exit. Subway alone is a great beginner canyon for those that don't mind a full day of hiking. For those more experienced, definitely pair it with Russel Gulch (bigger rappels) or Das Boot (do it for the pretty, not the rappels).

Thanks for reading!

Cross referenced using beta from Canyoneering USA and Rope Wiki.

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