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Why Chasing Adventure?

To put it simply, adventure! Well, that and I figure if my name's a verb I might as well find a way to use it right?

No seriously, what inspired you to do this? 

Okay, I suppose that was a bit too simple, so let me elaborate. When I first began, Chasing Adventure was supposed to be simple. It was a place to share my adventures with family and friends and serve as a central repository of  all the research I did for my adventures. That way, when friends would ask me about what I did or what they should do on their adventure, I could simply point them to trip reports I’ve already written. Of course, it would also serve as a resource for myself for places or things I might revisit in the future.


With that, it was a bit more work than I initially anticipated. It's not that I couldn’t make the contributions I had planned, but getting it up and running was the a bit more work than expected. Therefore, when life tossed me into three jobs, Chasing Adventure was put on hold. That is, this site, not the adventures. I’ve since reduced my work load and I’ve been thinking really hard about what I want Chasing Adventure to be. I still want it to serve as a repository of resources, but ultimately, I would love for Chasing Adventure to become sort of a beginner’s guide to adventuring (hiking, backpacking, canyoneering, caving, kayaking, sand boarding, mountain biking, etc.). And not just the technical skill sets and gear, but building a mindset that encourages success and potentially regardless of financial circumstances. Now that sounds even more ambitious, but I’ve come up with a game plan that should make it all quite possible. Check it out below!

Okay, so what are the goals of Chasing Adventure?
  1. Acquire and implement the latest tools and technologies to stream line the work needed to transfer the adventure to the website.

  2. Populate website with latest trip reports, citing resources used during planning phase

  3. Build a community. On a regular basis, I have friends that reach out for recommendations and pointers on how to maximize their adventures. Those write ups get read by them, and no one else, so I figure why not start a column that directly reaches out to the Chasing Adventure community. Not only can I share my own recommendations, but the community can provide their input as well.  

  4. Begin posting feature articles that merge my personal adventures with feedback provided by the community to provide comprehensive but concise information ultimately contributing to a “Beginners guide to adventuring”

  5. Use resources and connections to begin collecting used gear for redistribution to youth in need. Getting into the wilderness is one of the best things you can do for your mental health, and once you have the gear, it's one of the most affordable things you can do. In the long term, I expect Chasing Adventure to be a resource for the under privileged beyond just the words on this site.

So this is a place for aspiring adventurers?

Yes! But that's not to say it's not a place for current adventurers either! I hope to provide content that anyone will want to reference to plan their next adventure.



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